We arrange auctions to help medical and health facilities. We sell used medical equipment worldwide. We have a number of warehouses where we store the equipment before an auction. These equipment are bought by buyers who use them for patient monitoring, radiology, anesthesia, cardiology, surgery, etc. You can get all kinds of used medical equipment here.

There are many clinics and hospitals, especially in the developing or underdeveloped countries who cannot afford to buy the expensive medical equipment. Our auctions help them to buy these equipments at a lower cost. Before we place the equipments on auction, we make sure that the equipments are functional. Through our auctions, we have created opportunities for many medical centers that couldn’t carry out certain diagnosis or treatment because of lack of equipment.

If you are interested in participating in our auction, please write to us to know the dates of the year when we arrange our auctions. We have been doing these auctions for many years now so that you can trust us.